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Wednesday June, 20 2018 07:05 am

2018 Spring Ham & Oyster Supper- April 21st

Does Your Family Have an Evacuation Plan?

2018 Fall Ham & Oyster Supper- October 20th

Be Sure to Check Smoke Detector Batteries!

2018 Fire Co. Sale- Friday, March 23rd & Saturday, March 24th

Copyright Gap Fire
Sat, Mar 26th, 2016 8:00:01 am-


42nd Annual Gap Fire Company Sale-  2018


Friday, March 23rd, 2018 @ 5:00 PM

4:30 PM  Sporting Goods

5:00 PM  Crafts

6:30 PM  Shrubbery and Flowers

Come early to get your seat in our large tent!


Saturday, March 24th, 2018 @ 8 AM 

Approximate Sale Times

8:30  Crafts & Needlework

8:30  Antiques

8:30  Nursery Stock

9:30  Lawn Furniture

11:00  Quilts & Wallhangings

11:30  Farm Machinery

12:00  Winross Trucks

1:30  Carriages

Parking and Shuttle Service

All motor vehicles requiring offsite parking and shuttle service are to use the designated sale parking area at The Family Center of Gap in the Houston Run complex, as they are graciously allowing us to use their facilities at 835 Brackbill Rd.  There will be signs stating where the sale parking will be permitted.  Horse and carriage team parking and shuttle service will be from the King farm at 5230 Newport Rd, Gap Repair on Gap Rd, and the Family Center of Gap.

Special Chicken Bar-B-Q, Homemade Soft Pretzels and Ice Cream on Sale Grounds.  Plenty of Good Homemade Food, Baked Goods & Strawberry Pies.

Valid ID is required to receive your buyers number and there is no charge to obtain one.  Methods of payment include cash, credit card, or PA check with proper ID.  No out of state checks will be accepted.  A 3% buyers premium will be waived if payment is made by cash or PA check.

All items are sold on a consignment basis.  Items that are to be sold can be dropped off Wednesday thru Friday the week of the sale.  Drop off times are 8 AM-8 PM Wednesday, 8AM-8PM Thursday, and 8AM-noon on Friday (due to Good Friday Holiday).

IMPORTANT-  A reminder to everyone who purchases an item.  When the auctioneer announces that an item has been sold to you, the item immediately becomes your responsibility.  This responsibility includes security of the item as well as payment for the item.  The one exception to the responsibilty of the security of the items is when a quilt or quilt product is purchased.  After a quilt is sold, payment must be made prior to receiving the quilt.  Also, please keep in mind that at least 45 minutes is required from the time the item is purchased until the paperwork required for payment has been processed. 

Items donated to the fire company to sell are appreciated.  

For more information, contact Mel Riehl at (610) 593-2480 or see the Contact Us Page for more options.